About Trusswood

Trusswood is a family owned business that specializes in manufacturing of roof and floor trusses. Committed to quality and service, Trusswood has been serving Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean for over 20 years. Our experienced team will generate an approach that is designed to benefit Builders and Owner Builders. We make it our primary goal to simplify your construction process at a competitive price.




More About Us
Engineered Roof Trusses
Engineered wood roof trusses are the most versatile design product used to build a roof structure when it comes to residential, commercial or multifamily.
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Engineered Floor Trusses
Engineered floor trusses run longer than standard dimensional lumbers. Designed to suit new construction or renovation, floor trusses are perfect for multi-level structures.
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Engineered Wood Products
Engineered wood products are used to cement the structural components of a building. ā€œIā€ joists, LVL beams and columns are engineered to provide both strength and flexibility.
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