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Roof and floor trusses are structural building components designed from a blue print and engineered to the most current building code. In order for a Builder or an Owner Builder to obtain a construction permit, each truss has to be sealed by a Professional Engineer. During the erection the individual truss has to be installed according to the truss layout. The owner can enjoy peace mind knowing that the trusses have been engineered and manufactured by qualified professionals.


Roof trusses

Using roof trusses for your project will give you a complete flexibility in the interior room arrangement. Roof trusses details such as tray, coffer or vaulted ceiling will improve the appearance and comfort of your house. Trusses span longer than conventional framing, so you have more open space.



Floor trusses

Floor trusses are designed with open webs allowing easy installation of plumbing, electrical and cooling ductwork. Floor trusses are manufactured by turning the 2x4’s on their side in the purpose of giving wider nailing surfaces for the floor decking. Floor trusses can be designed to accommodate different floor height for new construction or renovation.

Trusswood Floor Truss












Engineered Wood Products

“I” joist are specially constructed with flanges made from Versa-Lam laminated veneer lumber with oriented stranded board webs and approved waterproof structural adhesive.

LVL (laminated veneer lumber) beams eliminate twisting, shrinking and splitting. LVL beams are designed to match the depth of the floor system. With better properties, LVL beams support heavier loads and longer spans than comparable glulam.

LVL (laminated veneer lumber) columns offer at least 2.1 times more bending strength and 20% more stiffness than no 2 SPF dimensional lumber studs. LVL columns provide superior wind resistance, strength and appearance in tall wall application and eliminate the “hinge” created by platform framing.